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Colors in Travel Series

Colors are not just colors, they mean something or trigger senses within us. Green – to me – is relaxing. It stands for abundance and prosperity. Here are some cool Green Photographs from my travels with notes on where they are taken and what experiences they represent. Enjoy and relax your eyes.

Mission Peak in San Francisco Bay Area, California. It reminds me of the famous Windows Background called Bliss which was taken just a few miles to the north of San Francisco in St Helena.

These icons represent Android operating system for mobile phones and the names for its various releases like Gingerbread, Froyo etc. Pictured at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California

Vast stretch of green lotus leaves covering the pond

Ueno Park in Tokyo. This is a giant pond covered with green lily leaves. A beautiful getaway of green in the middle of a city of skyscrapers.

Traditional Green Tea / Matcha in Kyoto, with a side of Wagashi – which are Japanese sweets. This was Uji Matcha – one of the highest ceremonial grade matcha prepared. What caught my eye was also the beautiful tea-ware and lacquer.

A cool street mural in Portland, Oregon. Portland is a center of hipsters and creative geniuses on the West Coast. I’m not sure who the “Green Man of Portland” refers to. I would love to know.

Oak trees with Spanish moss dangling from them represents the green color in the timeless beauty of the American South. These are from Savannah, Georgia and come from Oglethorpe planning system, where each block of the city has houses turned inwards into plots of gardens with shady trees.

I really love the old architecture in towns like Savannah and Charleston – especially the carved wrought-iron railings which came in from Philadelphia. Many of these places have extended poles which were historically used to anchor the reigns of horses while parking carriages.

A banana plant in Florida. The green bananas are plantains that can be fried or baked to make savory sides. The pink / maroon object is a plantain flower. It is used for cooking in South and South-East Asia. I can think of a Bengali dish called “Mochar Ghonto” which uses this.

Beautiful flasks of “Swamp Juice” from Florida with Gators. I tasted gator-meat in the Deep South and it was a cool experience.

The Alps in Austria. This was driving through the Salzkammergut region. You can see the cute little Austrian style inns lined up before the mountains. I was on my way to Hallstatt, a beautiful mountain town by a crescent lake.

Dolores Park in San Francisco. Because the park is tilted, one can get a view of the whole surrounding city. This is a great place for picnics, sports and people-watching.

Buddha-Statue in a Japanese garden in San Francisco. Very peaceful place with a beautiful tea-shop which reminded me of garden in Japan.

What is your favorite color? And which colors do you notice while traveling?

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