London – 2: Hampton Court Palace

For an insight into royal life in the Tudor Era (late medieval period), I highly recommend Hampton Court Palace. This was the residence of Henry VIII and a lot of events of his tumultuous life took place here.

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London – Part 1

The UK, and London, in particular, was on my must-do travel list for a long time, because of the rich history of the city going all the way back to Celtic and Roman times and because of how much cultural impact it had over the former British Empire and the Anglophone world.

Budapest, Hungary – Solo Travel for Introverts – I

Content Warning – This article contains discussion of Nazi and Soviet Atrocities Solo Travel for Introverts Ratings Sensory Calm   – Budapest is a city of

Prague – Czech Republic – II : Food & Drinks

Food in Prague Street Food The most iconic street food in Central European countries are Chimney-Cakes (Spit-cakes). The Czech version of this is called Trddelnik

Krakow, Poland – Solo Travel for Introverts

Solo Travel for Introverts Ratings Sensory Calm   – Compared to major cities in Western Europe, the place is less crowded and more conservative. Perfect for

Prague, Czech Republic – I : Old Town

Solo Travel for Introverts Ratings Sensory Calm   – Prague is increasingly becoming a party-hub and nightlife center. Although, compared to capital cities in Western Europe,

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