California History Photos – III : Struggle & Identity

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Introduction Continuing from California History Photos – I : Origins Taken from Museum of California, Oakland. Previous parts California History Photos – I : Origins California History Photos – II : Wild West Previously, the Great Fire in San Francisco ended the era of Gold-Mining in 1900. However, the Golden State of California was entering a new […]


California History Photos – II : Wild West

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California History Photos – I : Origins

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Introduction I would vote Museum of California in Oakland, as my favorite one in the San Francisco Area. It is divided into three levels. The first floor on the ground explains the natural history of California, including ecology, our water-source projects, unique West Coast bio-diversity and legal battles for their protection. For history and culture, […]

Capsule-Hotel vs. Hostel, Japan – Solo Travel for Introverts

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Introduction Japan presents an interesting spectrum of stay options, from Capsule-Hotels, hostels, hotels, Air-Bnb in traditional Machchiya-style houses, stay with family-host in the countryside, and Ryokans on mountain springs. As a solo-traveller I couldn’t resist a capsule-hotel in Tokyo, but so as to compare it with a hostel, so I chose one in Kyoto. Capsule […]

A Stroll around Manhattan, New York

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I’ve been to New York several times, and I find it more interesting to just stroll around Manhattan without having any specific agenda or checklist. It has something for everyone and all you have to do is walk the streets and explore. I love taking pictures of this magnificent urban jewel of America, which has […]

Adventures in Sushi Land

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[WARNING – IMAGES OF RAW SEAFOOD] Introduction I was skeptical of sushi – especially ones with raw fish. In my first sushi place I dipped the raw tuna in my hot tea and blanched it before eating, and the sushi-chef looked at me as if I insulted his mother. However, this is a recommended step-by-step […]

Why Lord of the Rings tickles the Traveller’s Soul : Part – I

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Introduction I had seen the Peter Jackson’s movies when they came out, and I still found the books to open whole new levels of appreciating the work. As I read through the trilogy during the Corona Lockdown, the spirit of the traveller in me is living through the names, places, history and maps.   Linguistics […]

Kerala, India – A Tropical Paradise : Munnar, Allapuzha and Periyar

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I had visited Kerala with family when I was younger, and had to write about this unique and colorful part of India which is often overlooked against the more well-known sites like the Taj Mahal. (i) Despite my pictures being lost, I’m not gonna rob you of visuals. I have selected images from –  […]

10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – II

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Continued from here – 10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – I 6. StumpTown Coffee Roasters Stumptown coffee is an iconic Portland roastery specializing in gourmet coffee from all over the world. It is named after the Portland’s old name – Stumptown – because when the town expanded rapidly, trees were […]

10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – I

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Portland, Oregon is a very foodie city for its relatively small size. It is home to a plethora of food trucks, and I was spoiled for variety in Middle-Eastern and North-African plates. The shopping and dining streets look unassuming – from suburban houses with signs indicating there are boutique designers or mustache stylists inside, to […]