10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – I

Portland, Oregon is a very foodie city for its relatively small size. It is home to a plethora of food trucks, and I was spoiled for variety in Middle-Eastern and North-African plates.

The shopping and dining streets look unassuming – from suburban houses with signs indicating there are boutique designers or mustache stylists inside, to repurposed warehouses with long queues outside during lunch hours.

I recommend the following places to you –

1. DeShutes Pub


I started my food journey right from the airport (PDX). There is a DeShutes Pub inside, although larger pubs of the establishment in Portland and Bend. They have around 50+ local beers on-tap and I had a hot buttered lobster-roll with with a softer buttery wheat-beer to match.

Link : https://www.deschutesbrewery.com

2. Fifty-Licks Creamery


Overshadowed by Salt-and-Straw, his lesser-known creamery is a hidden gem and delights with innovative flavors like Tahitian Vanilla, Thai Rice and Coconut Saffron.

Link : https://www.fifty-licks.com

3. Garden Tea House


This traditional tea-house is tucked inside the Chinese gardens downtown. Although small, it has a unique charm – an oasis of Chinese courtyards with circular doorways and bonsai gardens in the midst of looming skyscrapers around it.


I enjoyed their Gong-Cha selection and opted for a Century Egg with it. This was an egg, pickled in salt and alkali and served garnished with soy and chives.

Link : https://lansugarden.org

4. El Nutri Taco

20190120_140903 (1)

Located in Alberta Arts District, this small store stood out for an amazing range of vegan Mexican dishes and local craft-beer. I had a soy-curl and a tofu taco and found it had the right zest and spice of an authentic neighborhood food-truck back in California.

Link : https://www.elnutritacopdx.com

5. Voodoo Doughnut

20161125_183301 (2)

An iconic Portland spot which does bizarre experimentations with doughnuts including maple-bacon, cereal-cream, marshmallow or m&m toppings. They are served in a kitschy decor that looks like a forest-witch’s collection of oddities.

20161125_181549 (1)

Link : https://www.voodoodoughnut.com

[List to be continued …]

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