10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – II

Continued from here – 10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – I

6. StumpTown Coffee Roasters


Stumptown coffee is an iconic Portland roastery specializing in gourmet coffee from all over the world. It is named after the Portland’s old name – Stumptown – because when the town expanded rapidly, trees were felled leaving behind large masses of tree-stumps with no time to root them out completely.

Stumptown Coffee is a part of the Third Wave Coffee movement in America, as in it places importance in quality single-source coffee and fair-trade prices to growers –  or as some people call it “hipster coffee from beanie bearded baristas.”

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Link : www.stumptowncoffee.com

7. Von Ebert Brewery


Started by a 30-year old entrepreneur as an homage to his German immigrant grandmother, Von Ebert specializes in Midwestern, West Coast IPA and German and Austrian wheat-beers. The beer is poured directly from the brite-tanks where it is brewed and the process can be observed from the bar.

Link : http://vonebertbrewing.com

8. Kargi Gogo Georgian Restaurant


Created by US Peace Corps volunteers who returned from service in the Republic of Georgia, this place was my first foray into Eurasian cuisine. On a rainy day, I had steamed dumplings called Khinkhali, which were served with the red and spicy Ajika paste on the side and Separavi wines.


Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing regions on earth, and has a unique cuisine of Khachapuri (flatbread with cheese and eggs), Badrijani (eggplants with walnuts) and Sulguni (stuffed mushrooms).

I would love to visit this Cacuses country some day, considering my memorable experiences of visiting Central and Eastern Europe before.

Link : http://kargigogo.com/

9. Hopworks


This was small place I chanced into while walking back to my hotel. They had an amazing selection of local craft-beers and excellent food. I partook in their barley-wine which was sweet, bitter, fruity and pungent at the same time.

To cut the hopp-i-ness, I ordered their Hub Honeycombs – which were fried dough with locally produced Oregon honey.


Link : https://hopworksbeer.com/

10. Salt and Straw


This is the best thing Portland has produced in my opinion. Salt-and-Straw makes ice-cream in the old-fashioned way, when cream was hand-cranked  into freezing inside an ice-bucket with straws and salt added to the ice to retain low temperature.

Not only is their ice-cream handmade and fresh, they also have an innovative flavor range – from Bone-marrow with Tea-smoked cherries, to Coffee-and-Bourbon to Almond-Brittle-and-Ganache. I had the Pear-and-Blue-Cheese and it felt right in place as a medieval European tavern pie.

I also love their San Francisco outlet where Chocolate Hazelnut are directly sourced from Dandelion Chocolates and their Matcha with Fermented Blueberries.

Portland is a major food-capital on the West Coast of North America and there are many more places to explore. Definitely worth multiple visits.

What are your favorite spots in Portland?

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  1. I’ve been meaning to try making khinkalis myself for some time now… It’s so interesting that there’s a Georgian restaurant in Portland – I will have to add that to my list if I ever go up there!

    1. I’m surprised Georgian cuisine is relatively unknown here in the US. There’s a food-truck next to my place with Khachapuri but that’s about it. I was surprised when I found that restaurant in Portland.

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