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Guest Post: Midlife Crisis & Moving Forward

This article was written by Lance Cody-Waldez and edited by EarlGreyKick.

Experiencing a mid-life crisis can feel intense and overwhelming. Even as you navigate tough feelings, there are ways to find positivity and keep moving forward. Consider some of these paths to explore.

Start Traveling

Traveling is an activity that can bring you many benefits. For instance, it helps you expand your horizons and meet new people. When you travel, you get to experience different cultures and lifestyles, which broadens your perspective on life.

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Furthermore, traveling can also be a stress reliever and can improve your mental well-being. Visiting new places and seeing new things is a great way to take a break from your routine and gain a fresh perspective.

Seek Out Mental Health Support

During a midlife crisis, mental health support can be crucial in helping individuals navigate the challenges and difficulties that arise during this transitional period. Many people experience a range of emotions, such as anxiety, stress, confusion, and even depression. Mental health support aims to assist individuals in coping with their feelings and emotions by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to manage their mental health effectively.

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By addressing these concerns, individuals can better understand their thoughts and emotions and make informed decisions about their future. Ultimately, mental health support can improve an individual’s quality of life and help them navigate the complexities of their midlife crisis more confidently.

Shift Your Career Goals

Career strain is often a factor in mid-life crisis experiences. It’s so common that there are lists of ideal careers for professionals contemplating a midlife shift. Consulting or research could be a lucrative pivot, depending on your background, but there is no shortage of options.

If a designated career path isn’t the right fit, starting a business might be a better option. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms, from brick-and-mortar stores to online businesses to service-based offerings that build on your expertise.

If you decide to launch a business, formalizing everything is a helpful step. Choose a business structure that suits your needs and file the appropriate paperwork to ensure everything is official.

Clean Up Your Sleep

A good night’s rest can help you see even the most challenging situations differently, and sleep is crucial for getting through tough times. Prioritizing better rest can even alleviate stress and prevent symptoms of aging.

One way to overhaul your sleep routine is by cutting off devices before hitting the hay. A dark sleep environment and comfortable bedding are also ideal for setting the stage for sleep. Even rituals like a bath before bed or a skincare routine can calm your mind for more restful sleep.

Make Wellness a Habit

Shifting gears and embracing healthier habits can make a difference long-term. There are countless ways to improve your health, from diet to exercise to daily habits. For instance, change some daily habits to reach that illusive 10,000 step goal every day. You can park farther from stores or appointments, take the stairs, or take 10 minutes out of your lunch break for a walk.

It takes time to build habits, anywhere from a few weeks to nearly a year, but starting slowly is better than not starting at all. Healthy steps like swapping coffee for a milder tea or drinking a glass of water before every meal can help you feel better and reach your wellness goals.

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Spoiling yourself with goodies that support your health goals can also help. Before investing in any products, check out unbiased reviews from trusted sources. Then, splurge carefully on products that align with what you hope to achieve.

Choose a Hobby

Life is busy, but there are benefits to picking up a hobby during your precious downtime. Unlike TV or social media, a hobby that is more personal to you creates endorphins in the brain and supports better mental health.

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The best part is that nearly any hobby can have a positive effect on your brain and mood. Dedicating time to a hobby like playing a sport, creating art, reading, or baking helps fortify your brain against stress and daily struggles.

Consider Relocating

Travel can often get people out of a mid-life slump, but what about relocating altogether? A change of scenery could be a great way to overcome mid-life struggles, especially if your job allows location independence or you’re self-employed.

Reflect on your motivation for moving and what you value, recommends Apartment Therapy. Explore different cities, states, or even countries, if your finances and work allow it. Then, research home prices in your shortlisted locations to determine what areas align with your budget.

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Thinking through the possibilities is a must before diving into relocation. After all, a mid-life crisis is often about more than where you live or your job. Feeling confident in your decision will help you make the most of a move.

A mid-life crisis is a difficult phase of one’s life, but with these tips, you can explore options to break free and move forward towards a life with long-term fulfilment.

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