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This blog has been inactive for a while. I have been dealing with some personal stuff – major changes including moving apartments, resolving family issues, immigration hijinxes and all of this at the same time as general covid-19 stress we are all facing.

I had collected a couple of pinecones from the redwoods which are very large (the size of a papaya). I proudly display them on my window sill. However, this year, California received a sudden thunderstorm. In the morning, my pinecones lost their outer layer in the winds and what remained were their tiny inner-cores.

But imagine my surprise, when the next day, the inner core opened up into a second layer of spikes and it became just as fluffy and large as before.

One cycle ends and another one begins. It has been autumn and harvest season – with celebrations like Halloween, Samhain and Diwali. I have begun accepting both darkness and light, growth and decay, spring and fall.

I have solo-traveled to a few places during this break. I am more settled now and have planned out my new posts, meanwhile here are some nice pics for you, hoping the are relaxing and gentle.

So, new posts coming up, stay tuned !!!

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