Native New Mexico in Pictures

Valentino Tzigiwhaeno Rivera, Hoop-Dancing prodigy, who passed away young.
Kateri Tekakwitha – First Native American to be canonized as a Catholic Saint
Juanita from Dine (Navajo) community weaving an American Flag
Poeh Cultural Center in Pojoaque Nation
Pre-historic cave-dwellings of Ancestral Pueblo (formerly known as Anasazi) People.


    1. Yes, several aspects of local Native American cultures here, like Pueblo and Navajo – are celebrated within mainstream society and you see it everywhere – the adobe-style architecture, the food (lots of roasted chilli, cocoa and corn), the clothes and jewelery (turqoise and silver) etc.

      Also, this has some of the oldest Spanish missions and wineries in America, much older than Californian ones.

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