Spanish Colonial Style Stanford Campus from the Hoover Tower

10 Tranquil places in San Francisco Bay Area for Introverts

I have been living in San Francisco Bay Area for a while and it has taken some for me to explore the region outside of

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Introvert Tips for Corporate Success

The Brave New Workplace At the turn of this decade, a radical shift happened in corporate culture. Out went the official chain-of-command with seniority-preference, and

Szentendre, Hungary (Day trip from Budapest) – Solo Travel for Introverts

Introvert Solo Travel Ratings – Sensory Peace – – Quite peaceful with idle chatter from restaurant patrons sipping wine in the sun. This is on

Top 3 Book Recommendations – Making sense of Life in the Present Times

Introduction The following 3 books give a greater perspective in making sense of our chaotic and rapidly shifting society. While all of the opinions here

Baroque buildings at street corners of Gliwice

Gliwice Poland – Solo Travel for Introverts

Solo Travel for Introverts Ratings – Sensory Peace – This is a relatively quiet town outside tourist circles. Solo-Friendliness – There are small businesses happy

10 Ways Introverts can Charge Up

10) Reading a book. There are 3 options – Traditional book – This has the advantage of feel of turning pages and scent of paper

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