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Guest Post: Tips for Planning a Sabbatical

By Lance Cody-Valez

A sabbatical is a break from work, but not a vacation. It is an extended period where you step away from your current job while maintaining employment. You could have paid or unpaid sabbaticals depending on your career or the company you work for. Before you can leave, you must create a plan for success. Taking a break from your job could improve your relationship with work. You are less likely to experience burnout and may renew your passion for your career. Here are some tips on how to put together a successful sabbatical plan.

Determine Your Budget

Before you leave, determine how much you can afford. There may be some complications as you learn to live without regular pay. Some people do not earn the same salary they are accustomed to and may have higher expenses while working abroad. Create an estimate of how much you will need to spend and how much money you’ll have. Prepare well in advance so you can save money to finance your sabbatical.

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It is possible to earn money while overseas. Consider a working holiday where you travel abroad, explore on the weekends, but work throughout the week. Research the wages in the area where you want to take your sabbatical so you can estimate how much you may be able to earn. Savings are still critical if it takes time to find a job.

Choose Your Destination

On your sabbatical, you might notice a change in your overall health. People tend to take better care of themselves when they can focus inwards and pursue their passions and interests. You learn how to listen to your body and plan accordingly. The break can also teach you new skills to apply to your current employment. Find a place that allows you to reflect on your career and your contribution to your company.

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Your destination should match your personality. For instance, if you want to seek out new adventures, head to a location where you can enjoy hiking and being in nature. If you are interested in new stimulating ideas, live downtown and observe the going-ons. Think of places you want to visit and where you know you could find your purpose. Once you have a list of locations, you can narrow them down by cost by comparing them to your budget.

Prepare Your Pets

Preparing your pets for a sabbatical is essential to ensure they are safe and content while you are away. The first step is to research the destination and look up any pet-related laws or regulations related to your destination of choice. You will also want to make sure that you have enough food, bedding, toys, and other supplies for your pet before leaving. If you’re bringing an animal along with you on the journey, it’s important to make sure they receive proper vaccinations before they travel.

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To make sure you have all the best gear for your pet’s needs during their sabbatical, consider visiting sites like Pets Digest. Here, you can read reviews from other pet owners on products such as crates, carriers and leashes. Doing this research ahead of time can save money in the long run by ensuring that you purchase high quality items that will last throughout your travels. Additionally, it will help keep your pet comfortable and stress free by having all the necessary supplies ready before departure.

Tie Up Your Loose Ends

Determine what will happen to your home while on sabbatical. If you own your property, you may want to rent it out to keep up with your mortgage payments. Keep in mind that if you go this route, you’ll likely need to work with a property manager to handle tenant issues. You can also consider hiring a house sitter. A house sitter can keep your home safe from criminal activity and help in the case your insurance demands the property stay occupied.

A sabbatical can be a way to refresh yourself and learn a new perspective on life, and planning ahead saves you from anxieties back at home.

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