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Ice-Creams around the World : Part – I

Sorbet (Italy)

Sorbet, Italian Cafe, San Francisco

The word ‘Sorbet’ comes from Sherbet in Persian which became ‘Sorbetto’ in Italy. It consists of light shaved ice with sugar and a mild flavor. I find the absence of milk or cream to make Sorbet a lighter alternative. Flavors of Sorbets vary from place to place. While lemon or strawberry are most popular, my favorite is the traditional Rose or Hibiscus flavored ones. Another interesting Western modification is Wine Sorbet made with spiced wine.

Faloodeh (Iran)


Faloodeh is a Persian dessert similar to Sorbet, but with addition of starch noodles or vermicelli. It is generally served with a wedge of lime, rose syrup or saffron. The most popular type is Faloodeh Shirazzi from the city of Shiraz served with cream on the side. The Indian version Falooda, adds milk and cream as well as basil seeds, to make a milkshake-like dessert.

Stir-Fry Ice-Cream (Thailand)

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“Stir-Fried” ice-cream or rolled ice-cream originated in Thailand in the 2010s and has become a trend globally. Here, cream, along with additions like fruit, chocolate or cookies are poured on to a freeze-pan, chopped up and smashed together and rolled up.

Paan Ice-Cream (India)


India is coming up with new innovative flavors of ice-cream. While thee traditional ice-cream has been Kulfi, there are new flavors like Chickoo, Sitaphal (Custard apple) and my favorite – Paan (betel leaves) which have herby, minty and maraschino cherry like flavors.

Indian Recipes

Root-Beer Float (USA)

chocolate milkshake
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My favorite places in America are nostalgic Malt Shops and Diners from 1950s. I love some floats – which are ice-creams and sodas mixed together. There has been a resurgence in vintage soda-flavors like celery, cherry, root-beer, strawberry, pineapple, herbal and coffee-malt, which are welcome changes from the regular cola or lime.

Matcha Parafait (Japan)

Matcha Sundae / Parafait

Japan has incorporated Green Tea flavors into everything, from cakes to Kit-Kats. There are 2 takes on it which are my favorite – one is Uji Matcha – which is a dark green high-quality matcha from Uji. Second is Hojicha, which is a toasted brown version of green tea. Look out for these flavors and you won’t regret it.

Matcha Madness

Stay tuned for Part-II.

What is your favorite ice-cream?


  1. Oh my god, this is amazing! I love ice cream so much and had never heard of most of these variations 😍 I usually like more the “sweet” flavours such as cookies, salted caramel or “kinder bueno”, but I have to say that a nice Italian lemon sorbet after a big meal is just the best! Now I can’t wait to try the other variations! Thanks for sharing!

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