Christmas-y Travel Photos & Thoughts – I

Holiday cheers for Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Soyal, Yalda, Toji, Newton’s Birthday and Yule!

The holidays have been tough on those of us who are responsibly quarantining for the safety of our communities. Even as a quieter person, I miss the bright lights, the music of the carols and the festive atmosphere.

I perused some pictures from my older travels and brought together some very colorful Christmas-y photos for you. Enjoy!

Pike’s Place Market, Seattle
Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
Cable Car, San Francisco
Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
Del Coronado, San Diego
Native / First & Other People’s Spiritual Totems, Seattle
(outside) Phoenix, Bengaluru, India
(entrance) Phoenix, Bengaluru, India
Prague, Czech Republic
(On Stage) Ethnic Wear Day, Prague, Czech Republic
(Spectators) Ethnic Wear Day, Prague, Czech Republic
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Akihabara, Tokyo


We are not living in good times. This is a fact.

The news shows us warnings of great political instability. The veil, that hid injustices, is being lifted to show our ugliness. Families are distanced, not merely physically by the pandemic, but also emotionally along polarized politics and ethics. There is valid frustration against those who are not taking the situation seriously and complicit in spreading the illness.

But this Christmas is not about winning the battle. It is about holding down the fort, with faith, that reenforcement will soon arrive. It is about holding the line of defense. It is about not falling.

It is about surviving.

I end my thoughts this with this cute photo –

Totorro wishes you a happy & safe Christmas

Stay tuned for Part – II : More Christmas-y Pictures & Thoughts.


  1. I adore everything about this post and those festive pics are a great way to keep the joy and lightness of Christmas alive in time for the new year. The shots you took of Tokyo look absolutely divine and makes me all the more eager to travel to Japan, when it’s safe it do so, that is. 😀

  2. Love those festive pics! It reminds me of when things were “normal” and we could go to Christmas markets (which I really miss)! Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well 😊

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