Hollywood in Pictures – Los Angeles, California


Most travelers have a love/hate relationship with Los Angeles. LA is more like a Bento Box. It is many things at once, with no particular unifying theme or vibe, and this confuses people. When we say New York, Boston, New Orleans, Paris, Tokyo etc. we can imagine a few images in our mind.

Since LA is spread over such vast distances and consists of multiple small-towns connected through freeways, it is hard to do that here.

So, rather than try to explain Los Angeles, I want to just show it through pictures and let you make your own take away from it.

The City of Angels

Rose Garden of LA
Hollywood Hills Sign visible from Dolby theatre
Downtown LA with Jimmy Kimel’s live show

Universal Studios Hollywood

The Simpsons
Waterworld – which shows real special effects in action movies involving explosions and fire
Fake Little Italy, New York. Fake Italian grandmas making scandalous gossip from the balconies while hanging out clothlines.
Fake Paris, with Moulin Rouge
Fake London

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Hogsmeade village
Zonko’s sweetshop

Butterbeer pro-tip. If you are of drinking age,

(i) Buy butter-beer (non-alcoholic) with the beautiful mug.
(ii) Buy real beer.
(iii) Put real beer in the butter-beer mug.


To enjoy the city, you need to have done planning beforehand, since distances and times are huge. Depending on your tastes – beaches, mountains, history, movie-buff, food, etc. check out those places that you want to enjoy, instead of marking off checklists of travel guides. The main tourist attractions may be underwhelming, but there are a lot of cool stuff in the hidden pockets of the city, that are not that well-known.

Here is my list –

  • Try out some food-trucks (they have changing times and meeting places)
  • Markets and Spicy cocktails around Venice Beach (For the beach itself, there are better places)
  • Korean Bell of Friendship park
  • Olvera Street for Mexican history and culture

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