Bavarian Food in Pictures – Munich, Germany


Behold the photo-odyssey Munich’s food. Despite keeping to simple street-food and beer accompaniments, I found a rich treasure. My biggest surprise, growing up in India, was finding familiar flavors in the curry-wurst – sausages served with an Indian-style sauce. The highlight of the experience, though was the beer culture, especially sharing long benches with hundred other patrons under the shade of gardens, serenaded by folk music.

At the airport – Pretzel and Weisswurst (Steamed white sausage)

At the Town Market
Austrian foods
Foraged Mushrooms
Currywurst – Sausages with curry-sauce and curry-powder on top

The Beer truck has arrived !
Weissbier (White wheat-beer) and Dunkelweiss (Dark / Toasted wheat-beer) are my favorite. They are mild, full-bodied and grainy, and taste like liquid bread and butter.
At Hofbrau Haus – one of the most famous German beer halls. It has a dark past of being a previous Nazi party gathering place.
St. Augustiner Beer garden. One of the largest gatherings with endless tables admist the shade of trees, giant kegs of beer and moving trucks with pyramids the size of a house of empty mugs.

Modern german pastries
Check out their website

Doner Kebab Counter – Turkish-German food
Baking flatbreads in ovens
Doner Kebab Meal – Turkish food to Germany is what Indian food is to UK and Mexican food to the US – it brings spice and color and the magic of cross-cultural pollination.

Kaisersplatz – scrambled pancakes with applesauce

German food is definitely underrated outside of the country, and I still crave for the balance of saltiness of the meats and potatoes with tartness of sauerkraut and sweetness of apple-sauce.

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  1. Currywurst is my favourite when I visited Germany ! The pastries are good too, but can’t compare to the French !

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