Bavarian Food in Pictures – Munich, Germany

Introduction Behold the photo-odyssey Munich’s food. Despite keeping to simple street-food and beer accompaniments, I found a rich treasure. My biggest surprise, growing up in

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American West in Pictures – California & Nevada

Introduction The American West is characterized by beautiful otherworldly landscapes. Living in California, these are the staple views as soon as I leave the city

Akihabara in Pictures – Tokyo, Japan

Introduction I love to stroll around the streets and take pictures – not of specific things – but those which give the feel, vibe and

A Stroll around Manhattan, New York

I’ve been to New York several times, and I find it more interesting to just stroll around Manhattan without having any specific agenda or checklist.

Kerala, India – A Tropical Paradise : Munnar, Allapuzha and Periyar

I had visited Kerala with family when I was younger, and had to write about this unique and colorful part of India which is often

10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – II

Continued from here – 10 Spots to Eat & Drink in Portland, Oregon : Part – I 6. StumpTown Coffee Roasters Stumptown coffee is an iconic

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