Asking Directions : Guest Jermpins – Japan, Malaysia

Asking Directions Series Asking Directions’ is a new series where I interview fellow travelers. It is an effort to build up the travel community through

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parthenon athens greece

Asking Directions : Guest Traversing Territories – the Balkans

Asking Directions Series ‘Asking Directions’ is a new series in my blog where I interview fellow travelers on places they have been. It is an

Capsule-Hotel vs. Hostel, Japan – Solo Travel for Introverts

Introduction Japan presents an interesting spectrum of stay options, from Capsule-Hotels, hostels, hotels, Air-Bnb in traditional Machchiya-style houses, stay with family-host in the countryside, and

Why Lord of the Rings tickles the Traveller’s Soul : Part – I

Introduction I had seen the Peter Jackson’s movies when they came out, and I still found the books to open whole new levels of appreciating

7 Relaxing Animations from Around the World

If you are a quieter person and enjoys meditative movies, exploring new cultures and enjoy spectacular visual aesthetics, these are my top-picks for you !!

Introvert Tips for Corporate Success

The Brave New Workplace At the turn of this decade, a radical shift happened in corporate culture. Out went the official chain-of-command with seniority-preference, and

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