Downtown, Boston

20170705_112404Boston, Massachusetts is a charming colonial town named after Boston, Lancashire in United Kingdom. The city’s charming New England architecture and red-bricked neighborhood creates a memorable walking experience.

Start off at the historic Boston Stone, and walk towards Boston Public Market for breakfast, and stroll around the various vendors selling local produce and gourmet treats. Then walk south and check out the Old State House. This was the original seat of colonial capital.

Nearby, is the historic Quincy Market. While you can explore a plethora of quirky treats and shops here, there are two things to love. The first one is the lobster shops. Boston’s lobsters are one of a kind – try out the garlic-buttered lobster sandwich or dive into a whole lobster in the shell.¬† The second is the the location of Cheers bar, which was the location of Cheers, the iconic TV series. (As with most movies and TV series, 70% is shot in Los Angeles, from New York City’s Friends to Salzburg’s Sound of Music. Thus these locations were only used in 30% of the scenes).

Walk around a bit and explore other streets. Pay homage at the Holocaust Memorial (which was recently vandalized in a white-supremacist rally). Explore the tiny cobbled streets in the style of Irish countryside towns. Then, for a magnificent sunset, head over to the Boston Harbor. This place has a beautiful garden, pretty houses by the boardwalks and swanky Yatches and Motor-boats  racing to the horizon.

Come back to the scatterations of Irish Pubs, Taverns and Restaurants, from 1600s and 1700s. These exude the history of Irish immigration on East Coast, and some restaurants were places where the American Revolutionaries, Freethinkers and Founding Fathers hung out and discussed dangerous ideas over beers and whiskey.

The Union Oyster House has some of the best seafood in the country, while the Bell in Hand Tavern proudly claims to be the first bar in America. A round of a couple of local beers with a side of local oysters will make your day.

In this area, there are many more historic sites, museums, aquariums, taverns, cathedrals and trendy bars and cafes worth stopping by and discovering on your own. As in other Old Cities, the historic part of the town is tiny with buildings wedged into each other. If you have another day, head over north to the college town of Cambridge, Massachusetts and explore the campuses of Harvard and MIT.

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    1. Yup, I’m glad when I visited New York, I decided to go off to Boston for a bit too. I’m planning to visit other old New England towns as well – Connecticut, Providence, Salem, Portland etc.

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